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Beware, Seeing Only Light In Others, Is A Trap!

So, we hear others say, see only light in a situation, in others, in everything! Why? why should we see only the good, the light in the situation, people or challenge? Why see good in something really bad? what is good in a violent situation? What is good in an evil person abusing another? Why not see the whole situation in its entirety? Why not see the darkness? Also, a lot of time, we are projecting what we really want to see in others. They show us their real face, we still believe they are good, because we are!
It’s bizarre that spiritual people tell everyone, only see the light, only see the positive in a situation, although I agree we should see the good in all situations, we can be trapped by darkness in seeing only the good.
This is what the dark forces want you to do, to see the good in child trafficking, in rape, torture, violence, war, theft, oppression, taking all your rights away!

Very, very strange! light people have been bound by weirdness. Light people bind other light people and we do the job for the dark forces very well. They see us as ally as we do their jobs better than they do their jobs. This sickness has spread within the light community, of “only seeing the good in everything. I must say I was bound too, but I am free now. I was under that evil spell too. Not anymore!
I want you to open your eyes, there is no “good”, in war, torture, taking other people’s free will, in a sick planet, in other evil souls trafficking humans, drugs, making profit on exploiting humans.
Open your eyes, the most dangerous people are walking this earth right now, passing themselves as “samaritans, light people, healers, saviours, philanthropist, divine sacred beings”, they have a mask on and open your eyes to see them. There is no good in everything, some stuff are so bad, that there is no good at all in it.
Rise and fight these monsters. They need to be defeated.
Kiran G