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Is It True That Good People, Finish Last?

Is it true? that is the question?
We have heard this quite a lot, that good people finish last. That, good people get left on the shelf, that good people lose out quite a lot. Are there any truths to any of these claims?
Let’s have a look. So, in my experience I have seen good women end up with male who are unbelievably disrespectful, evil and abusive. I have always asked myself why that is? The lure is, that the male who does the greatest peacock dance, wins the female. The “bad boys” display themselves better, they are confident and they do the best dance to attract the best females. The display of confidence, ends up really being arrogance, narcissism, anger-related issues and violence filled mind and soul.
In comparison, there is the sweet, meek soul. This man barely wants attention, he is good hearted, good natured, can offer a lot, but ends up finishing last, because a lot of women like the “bad boy” narcissist, who is no good, who will end up destroying her, but she wants security. Women, usually choose the male who can protect her, she senses strength in the male, who can protect himself, so therefore, he can protect her too.
In the long run, this turns out badly, because the male turns out to be violent, has a nasty attitude, or is just messed up, he cannot even look after himself, never mind her.
In contrast, the good male can look after himself, he can look after the female, but usually is misunderstood as weak, because, he probably does not stand up to anyone when threatened.
Women, have to learn that the bad boy, will not save you, you must save yourself. He is broken, he is no good, he will not change, he is a mess, he is messed up and will not save you as he cannot save himself.
Now, when it comes to the good guy, they are so nice, that they get taken advantage of. It is true that good people can end up last? this does not refer only to males, but I have used the most common issue that I see, to make a point.
So, good people give too many chances to others, they suffer quietly, they tend to understand others too much, they don’t want to harm others and so, they harm themselves.

They can’t say no, they only say yes, they cannot stand up to authority figures, they say yes to their own

It is ironic isn’t it, this adage, that good people finish last!

detriment, they lose a lot quietly, they let good opportunities pass, as they don’t have the confidence to go for what they really want. They are scared of their own powers. They keep quiet when they should speak or shout out loud. They are shy, introverts, they lack confidence, they do not want to display themselves, they usually just try to hide themselves, they do not like to speak or speak up.
Good people lose out a lot. Good people suffer a lot of injustices, they are easy targets for narcissists and evil doers and for those who want an easy prey. They are energy provider for abusers, they are used and abused and discarded, because they do not stand up to bullies.
They meet narcissists everywhere, because narcissists can smell them out and know that they are a good, easy game. No matter what the sociopath will do, the good person will bear it and grin. Abusers love meeting good people/empaths. They know that the empaths are a generator of energy and will always “provide” them with life force.
Good people are targets for abusers. Good people finish last, because they are abused and are constantly burnt out, constantly meeting those who will abuse them, they will just walk away without saying anything.
Good people usually end up sick or addicted to something as they hurt silently, they do not voice their pain. They live with a quiet shame, because they have not been able to protect themselves and others, from the evil abusers in their life.
Good people need to learn to stand up to abusers, bullies and narcissists. Rise up, speak up and shame the narcissist, abuser and evil-doer. Evil doers, do not want to be exposed, that is why the good person/empath is chosen by them. They love when the empath listen to them, respect them and in turn they dis-respect, put down, humiliate and gaslight the empath. That is how they maintain their power.
To win, the good person, has to stand up to them, shame them, humiliate them and attack back. This is the only way that the sociopath, abuser will be defeated. So, being too good is not a good thing. Being balanced is the best thing and this is how the good person wins. By being good to good people and being bad to bad people. Mirror effect works. Go and try it and don’t be finishing last ever again. So, that’s right, good people do finish last and defeated. It’s time to change that and have that divine force that makes you fierce. Do not be scared of your own power and force. I command for you the divine force.
Much love,

Kiran G
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