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Lightcodes and Downloads!

Lightcodes are coded information that can be received from writing, images or the space that you are in. Downloads are information, just like a computer can do updates, upgrades and have latest downloads, we can too.
Depends what we want to connect to and download. We can upgrade ourselves, just like a computer program. Just download the program that you want, extensions, plugins, whatever it is, you can download it too.
When something is secretive and the person who wants to impart the information, but only to a select few, downloads and lightcodes can be used to impart the information.
The information is coded, encrypted and can only be decrypted by very few people, only those who are meant to receive them will.
So, here I work with downloads and lightcodes as I don’t want to impart secret information to everyone. Dark forces use these info and it can get into the wrong hands, they use it against us and humanity. This is how the dark forces became strong, they used information from great light teachers, seers, shamans and magicians.
The information were used to enslave humanity, we don’t make the same mistakes again. We have upgraded and become really clever too. Lightworkers who are in the know work with lightcodes and upgrades and downloads. If you connect, there are many in my writings, images and communication.
I wish you lightforce and freedom from darkness.
Lightwarrior Kiran G