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Soul Recovery, Taking The Soul Back!

Soul recovery is when you take back your powers back. If you have been in a long fight, psychic, emotional, physical, mental or spiritual fight. This may be because you have lost something really valuable, a piece of yourself, or sometimes, it may be possible to lose the soul to extreme traumas.
How can this happen? this can happen when someone is under extreme psychic, physical, mental, psychological or spiritual attacks.
You may have met someone who just doesn’t like you, your light, your power, your existence and they start to fight you spiritually.
Spiritual fights are those that people think or perhaps go the extra length to use energetic powers to harm someone. Think of it this way, if you keep on attacking someone and they don’t fight back, what will happen? they will perish.
Same thing here, some people use thoughts, psychic energies and powers to attack others, they may just be jealous of you, so they send you back vibes, thoughts, energies and attacks.
This can hurt your aura, chakras and over time, the constant attacks will manifest in dis-eases.
At this time, I see a lot of light people are being attacked in extremes. The dark forces have their minions, slaves and masters. Those who have sold their souls to the dark, are now working for the dark, as they have been recuited. They gain power, control, money or other types of rewards from the dark. They will naturally dislike you if you have light in you, they particularly go for those people who are powerful. Those who are teachers, seers, lightworkers, lightseeds, starseeds, lightwarriors, shamans and those who heal, mend, build, defend and protect. They do not want these people on this earth. They want us out of here, more and more light people are being taken over by dark forces, lots are being destroyed, killed and harmed beyond measure. However, we will heal and become whole again. Lightwarriors are those who are fighting injustices, speaking out, dissenting, telling their truths, healing the people and the planet, teaching peace, love and unity.
They do not want humans to unite in peace, they want to separate and rule in violence, we want peace, love and oneness, they do not.
Taking back one’s soul requires a lot of power, control and force. You have to stand up to those who are evil bullies and take back your soul light, power, joy and abundance. Lightcodes are in this image, which can only be retrieved and downloaded by those who are of clean hands and pure hearts.
Stay in light and come with clean hands. Remember, it’s time to rise now. Do not stay on your knees anymore. They will destroy you if you don’t fight back. Much love and may your force return to you NOW!
Lightwarrior |Kiran G