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Starseeds and LightPeople, Clearing Karma!

Let me tell you, this has been kept a secret forever. The knowledge of Karma and its origin. Karma is controlled by the planet Saturn, Saturn being a dark force, dark planet, malevolent planet, has it ever struck you why Karma is controlled and apportioned in the way it is?
Karma is a law of the land, it was well meant, at the beginning, it was meant to keep the people in righteousness, now of course, nothing is as it was, there is really no justice on this land as the system has been built to oppress, hurt, keep in suffering and enslave.
Karma is being used for that purpose too. How can good people have so much bad karma? Have you ever thought about it? where did it come from? Light people have always been enslaved, tortured and oppressed, yet, the bad karma keeps on growing!?
Have you ever thought why?
How is good and bad karma apportioned? how are we born with it? how do we get rid of it?
Lord of Saturn, a quick search will tell you what Saturn is, it is a malevolent planet and for those who have influence of saturn on their birth chart, you will be really in pain and suffering. In hinduism, one can heal the ills of planet saturn, by chanting mantras, doing rituals, worshipping and pleasing the lord of saturn. I disagree with this approach. It’s like praying the devil to have mercy on you and remove the ills? strange! but, if that’s what some people want to do, well, it’s up to them.
If we worship a dark lord, well, he will take pity, but we become a worshipper. Not, not good!
How do we clear bad karma? Light people are able to clear karma now. WE are able to return all evil back to sender and be free of their bad karma. Karma can be transferred as well, so bad people, usually transfer karma to good, unsuspecting people! beware! Usually because we are too naive and innocent, we agree to all kinds of bad stuff as we cannot say no, we aren’t assertive enough or cannot fight back. Light people don’t believe in doing harm right, so they can be easy targets for demon/evil ones, we have made their tasks very easy, by believing in doing no harm.
Because of our past, we were told never to do any harm, no matter what. Many are stuck in that program and can’t get out. Devil has prospered in the meantime, because there have been no warriors, divine did not believe in fighting back, that would have been wrong. In the meantime, they took over souls, tortured, enslaved, oppressed, invaded, destroyed millions of souls. Divine has been still thinking about whether to fight back. it took long time for lightwarriors to fight back, but now we are here. To fight the demons, we have upgraded to the highest levels and are ready. Karma is being cleared right now, because that too was the greatest con of the devil.
WE return their karma back to them, we are the light force. We are ready to fight back. All Karma are now cleared.
Lightwarrior Kiran G