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Taking Back Our Soul Light, Abundance and Joy!

Did you know that our souls can be lost to others, outside forces, traumas, events that are upsetting and painful? Yes, our soul is energy and energy can be stolen, taken, enslaved, oppressed and bad stuff can be done to our souls.
Look at where your mind goes all the time, who do you think of? do you think of them in a positive way of negative?
They may have pieces of your soul if you are struggling with someone, that means you are fighting with them, they have probably taken your soul, through oppression, enslavement and some kind of violence, this could be psychic, emotional, physical or otherwise.
You must take your soul light back, you will know what to do.
There are lightcodes in this image, just concentrate on it and download. Soul recovery is here.
Lightwarrior, Kiran G