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Clearing Karma – Breaking Out of Past Life Circles!

Some of you may think this is rubbish! There is no past life! You’ll be wrong. A lot of what we go through are past life lessons, especially those people and events who won’t go away, stuck to you like a leach. YUK! Remember that lesson? How can you forget?
When a challenge has a lot of negative feelings and emotions on both parts, it is something that can be really difficult to remove from your life.
No matter how much you forgive, the horror does not go away! if you know such a lesson, then you also know that it will not go away, until you teach the person a few lessons of your own. Forgiveness will not happen until you teach them the precious lesson, or it will keep on happening for a long time.
Once the lesson has been taught and if this was a narcissist, sociopath, dark soul, then you have to teach them a good lesson. Or they will be stuck in your life forever!
Long lessons, which span for years are linked to past life lessons. Have you ever thought of someone and thought yuk! well, your body contracts, your blood and bones freeze with horror. Yep, I have too.
Give yourself permission to feel everything. Your soul is giving you clue, don’t feel like you always have to feel good things, nice things about people. Or that, you have to be nice to evil people, yes, they are out there.
Narcissists are very dangerous, you need to get even with them or they will take your soul’s life and light.
It’s time to rise up, face those demons, slay them and get onto your beautiful path. Once you have got even with them, taught them a good lesson, only then the lesson will go away. Then only you can forgive. If all you’re trying to do is forgive evil, it will come to slay you as you are weak to it.
You need your spiritual sword, slay that demon. Face it, challenge it, defeat it, obliterate it!
You’re ready for your new life. Now you can let go.
There are lightcodes in this post/image, for those who are struggling to break out of the bad past.
Take good care,
Lightwarrrior Kiran G