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Get Into Your Dark Side!

It’s ok to get into your dark side, when threat is around. This world is so full of darkness and dark entities that you are going to have to get into your dark side too, to deal with some really dark, destructive entities.
Light people are being tortured, hurt, harmed, enslaved into darkness. Agents of darkness come and target every light person.
So, if you are a lightworker, starseed, lightwarrior, healer of the realms, shaman, healer of the people and the planet, then you will be a great target for the dark forces that control this earth. They will send dark agents to you. These agents will stand as light and they will be hard for you to discern, as light people tend to see everyone with light eyes and we project light onto those who are dark, we get trapped.
Now is time for you to really see, the most dangerous people on this earth are those who pretend to be light, they pretend to be gurus, healers, reiki masters, shamans and say “love and light” a lot. Of course I am not referring to genuine masters, healers and reiki masters, no, there are light ones, but these ones are dark souls, they hunt in these circles, because here empaths, lightworkers are easy targets, because we trust easily.

I met the darkest soul on this earth in a healing forum. The person came to me with “swine flu”, I should have guessed who he was, a horrible, evil yucky psychopath. Then, the next long years was to get rid of this evil person from my life. I did it when I took out my sword and decided that enough was enough and slayed the demon.
Usually, light people do not want to hurt anyone, even though they are being hurt, harmed, tortured and enslaved. It is hard to light people to defend themselves, because many feel guilty about harming others. If you are being hurt, defend yourself. DO NOT EVER TELL YOURSELF THAT YOU MUST NOT HARM IF YOU ARE BEING VIOLENTLY ATTACKED. Pick up your sword and slay the demon.
Once you pick up your sword, usually the fight is fast, as we have super powers, they dark ones don’t. Don’t ever tell yourself that there is no right no wrong, or that everything on this earth is meant to be, you are giving permission to evil to prosper and there is evil on this earth.
It’s time to defend your space, your wellbeing, remove those who are disrespectful, trespassers and abusers. Use your sword and spiritual powers.
Lightcodes are included here. You are now free. I free you from dark forces. Give yourself permission to egt into your dark side.
Lightwarrior Kiran G.