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Connect To Your Star Origin!

Ancestars are connecting with you!

A lot of your answers are in your star cluster. If something really bad happened in your life and you can’t find the answer on this plane, this earth, this planet. Then, your answer is most likely in another dimension, planet and constellation.
By connecting to your star origin, your star, your constellation, you will find a lot of answers. A lot of humans on this earth are not from this earth at all, but from different galaxies, constellations, stars and solar systems.
If you have always felt too different, alien, been alienated all your life, felt like an outcast, someone who does not fit in, but stands out, you can’t make sense of this earthly system, laws, politics, monetary systems, how greed is destroying this earth and its inhabitants, if you stand for justice, peace, life, unity and harmony, then, it’s very likely you are from a star system that values justice, life, fairness, dignity, respect, oneness and peace. You may be a starseed.
You value justice, working together to achieve peace, harmony and a just society for all. Where no one is left behind, where no system divides and rules, but all systems unite towards a common goal. Where there is equality, fairness, peace, unity and justice. This is what the ancestars wanted, but they were betrayed by the dark forces. There is a lot of anger in the ancestars, for this deception and betrayal of the dark forces. It’s time to connect with your own star origin, your own solar system, galaxy, planet or star system.
YOu will gain a lot of insight from the ancestars, you will feel their feelings as well as their sense of loss, you will become one and you will find a way through this painful past. Justice is being done right now. It’s time to stand up, stand your ground and challenge authority and authority firgures. Especially those who have done bad actions (Karma). Do not fear. Your ancestars are here to help you heal. You will find lightcodes and downloads in images, words, writing, voice and videos all throughout my channels.
Lightwarrior Kiran G