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Month: November 2020

The Sun People Are Rising!

Sun people have been victimised, trespassed, harmed, oppressed and targetted for a long time. Sun people are light bearers, light spreaders, healers, lightwarriors, who fight in favour of justice, fairness, […]

Soften YOur Heart About Your Past!

Soften your heart about what happened in the past. It’s time. Life is about to become really good for you and its asking you to soften your heart, your soul […]

Healing and Clearing Karmic Relations!

Most of our relationships, if not all are Karmic in nature. This means that we have unfinished business together. Karmic relationships are not easy, they come with a long list […]

Light Ones

11/11 Gateway, The Light Fills The World.

Receive. The world is being filled with the Sun frequencies right now. The Sun people have risen and are now in a good place mentally, spiritually, physically, emotionally and magically. […]

Karma Can Be Cleared!

Karma means actions, but we usually refer to karma in its negative sense, like “Karma will get you, Karma is here, so much pain in this karmic relationship, it’s a […]

Breaking The Spells On Humanity!

This time we will not be conned. The same script is playing out, but this time we know their intentions and we fight the dark forces who want to destroy […]