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Breaking The Spells On Humanity!

This time we will not be conned. The same script is playing out, but this time we know their intentions and we fight the dark forces who want to destroy humanity. This time we correct the matrix, we are here to fight them, break their dark spells, they use key dates, times of the month to make announcements, we break all their spells, we obliterate their dark spells over the populace. The dark forces use full moon and other key times to further control and suppress, make sure you cancel their words, spells and psychic control over your mind and that of your country and populace. They are high level magicians and so are we! Even higher than them, because those who work for the light have unlimited powers, they have only limited powers, up to limited dimension. We (the light) can rise higher to the limitless realms and dimensions and they cannot. There are lightcodes and downloads in these images, if you’d like to break contracts, vows, curses, hexes and spells of the dark forces. The whole world is under the dark spell of the evil ones. Governments are carrying out the agenda. Stay strong. These are dark occult forces that are secret societies, who really have the power, money and control, but now we are awake, we are taking our powers back and taking their powers away from them. It is done!
Lightwarrior Kiran G