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Dissent. Do Not Obey! They Want To Make Humans Into Cyborgs!

If you knew what they have been planning for the past hundreds of years, you’d be worried. The dark forces have a dark plan and secret societies have been preparing for this, for a long time. The plan is for humanity to go into a deep trance, never to wake up from this trance, for their souls to be taken away, siphoned into the dark agenda. They are stealing souls, the dark ones are attracted to the light ones, so that they can betray, deceive and own the soul of the good person, empath, lightworker. How many of you, good people have met really evil people? if not many, you’ve met at least one demon who tried to own your soul? I have met that evil person. But, of course, I am more powerful. Light people have one problem, we have come to believe in the concept “do no harm”, this to our own detriment, break this spell, this program, that only serves the dark. The dark have done a good job in training us, not to retaliate, not to defend ourselves, even if it means our own destruction. Lots of good people are harmed and destroyed by darkness. Have you noticed how good people die early? why is that? ask yourself. They are being destroyed, so dark forces take over. Now is time to dissent, disobey, speak out, speak up, challenge them, break their spells by dissenting, by saying no to them, their power lies in people consenting with them. They spread a lot of fear, then pass laws, people feel safe, but actually they have become more of a slave. People sing from the gilded, golden cages, not knowing that they are slaves in a golden cage. Humans’ minds are being consumed, taken over, they want a hive-mind, like in star trek, they want to make humans into cyborgs, one mind, listen to one consciousness, for them to succeed, they need us to fear so much, that we consent. Awaken, shout out loud, do not consent. Dissent, they are murderers and want to wipe out humans from this earth, for the rest of humans, they want a worker race, who will follow the line, robots, merged with technology. I do not consent, never will. They will not succeed. Lightwarrior, Kiran G.