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It’s Great To See Risen Lightwarriors, All Over The World!

I am seeing the great rise at the moment, it seems like all we had to do was decide to defend ourselves and fight back. Because, lightwarriors know how much we have faced, without fighting back, we have taken more than we should have.
Now, it’s our turn. So, go ahead, break your vow of silence, your vows of obedience, of following the rules, of never saying no, of serving the corrupt, Vow of never fighting back, of fearing the dark forces, of not standing up against tyranny and oppression.
It’s our time to shine. Our sword is really a metaphorical sword of light and flame, we have it, it’s invisible and we have the invisible realms, great lightwarriors, guides, helpers, guardians helping us all. Do not fear, come forward with your invisible sword of light, use your super powers (in your mind, your eyes and hands) and GO FOR IT! You have feared long enough, Now I FREE YOU! FOREVER. Go forth and prosper, heal and acquire great success.
Kiran G Lightwarrior.