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Karma Can Be Cleared!

Karma means actions, but we usually refer to karma in its negative sense, like “Karma will get you, Karma is here, so much pain in this karmic relationship, it’s a karmic relationship” and so on … But there is also good karma that can be accrued. The history of karma is intense and I have written about it in these blogs. What is the point of karma, whose law is it? have a dig around and you’ll find it here and there are so much more about Karma as it is very complex.
There are different types of Karma
Personal and individual
Twin Soul/Soulmate
Cultural group Karma/Religious/Spiritual
Country’s Karma/National (where you were born, where you live and where you will move to)
Past life
Ancient civilisations/ancient land
Star of origin (for starseeds)

So, you see there are so many types, these are the ones I have found in my studies so far and in my own clearing and settling the “debt” as they say. I have other posts to explain Karma, check them out from the archives. This one is about clearing Karma.
You will be able to clear Karma if you have done good deeds and can clear yourself. So, this is lightworkers’, lightseeds’, starseeds’, sunseeds’ time to clear karma.
You will have to stand up for yourself, as tall as you can. Destroy bullies (with your spiritual sword, your mind, your powers and energy). Otherwise, the lessons will continue for you and the bad people involved.
Take what’s yours and return what’s not yours, back to where it came from. This will not work for dark forces, because their Karma are being returned to them and they have to work it, for a long time to come.
You have the upperhand. Do not fear or worry. This cannot be changed. But, you have to want to accept that you cannot save anyone, save yourself and your loved ones and let go of what has expired.
Let them go, your vow at some point to save them still keep you attached to the most painful people. Break vows, have strong boundaries, speak and speak out about whatever you want to speak out.
Then, forgive yourself for taking your time to heal.
Lightcodes in this post. All you have to do is receive through the images, words, the connection and prime creator’s connection. Scroll down for images.
Kiran G