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Healing and Clearing Karmic Relations!

Most of our relationships, if not all are Karmic in nature. This means that we have unfinished business together. Karmic relationships are not easy, they come with a long list of lessons we HAVE to learn. Who has decided that we HAVE to learn these? Is it fair that we have to go through the same lessons over many lifetimes, before we get it right? Why would a good god (the divine) who is kind, loving, healing, beautiful do this to us? I have covered some of these questions in my other blogs. Know that a divine god/creator, does not pair anyone with a torturer, violator, abuser, rapist, child molester or someone who will steal their soul.
That’s not the job of a divine creator spirit. This system on this earth, has been designed by some really unfriendly forces. When you meet a person who wants to harm, hurt, torture, oppress, control, well, know that you have met someone who is not divine.
So, let’s use their system against them. You have to use all your spiritual skills to defeat the dark forces. Become a light warrior. Someone who has wisdom, information, knowledge and super powers. You are super powerful, you just don’t know it yet. You can defeat them easily and return their karma back to them, then live your beautiful life. Don’t buy into the mainstream meaning of Karma. I mean, it’s up to you! it will keep you in that trap forever. The Karmic wheel, the trap, their agenda for you. This is the destiny they talk about, no one knows your destiny, but you! you decide your destiny, no lords of karma gets to decide for you. They manipulate eartheans into coming back to earth over and over, so the enslavement continues.
Once you realise the big cult, trap, plan for you, then you have realised the con, that’s half the job done. Karma is real, don’t doubt that, they have enslaved everyone in Karma. Once you realise it’s a prison, then you can get out of it.
Getting out of it is not so easy, as there are contracts, vows, agreements, pledges to break. Many of them, but at least you know and can find your way around now, as you have the information. To break and clear Karma, you will also need to learn to return other people’s Karma. Some people will happily transfer their Karma to you, if you have agreed to accept their rubbish at some point, perhaps through fear, a contract, you feel you need to help them, save them or for other reasons. Then, you need to recognise that. Then, you can break it.
I have cleared Karma with everyone in my life, returned them to those who have transferred (cunningly) to me, so I can work their Karma out, whilst they have an easy life! Return their Karma.
Clear yourself, using healing energies that you are aware of (violet flame). Then, forgive! Live a life, free of Karma. Do not believe them, when they tell you (especially good people, empaths, light people) that you have bad Karma, bad actions, bad history. All, if not most of your Karma belongs to others!
Kiran G