Soften your heart about what happened in the past. It’s time. Life is about to become really good for you and its asking you to soften your heart, your soul memories about what took place.
Some players in your life did not have good intentions, they came and took too much and did not give back.
That’s what they do, that’s how they operate in life, they take and you became one of their victims.
Allow your anger to be released, allow life to give back to you now.
People want to come into your life to give, to gift you, to be generous, kind and give without conditions.
Unconditional people are entering your life.
They want to give to you, without conditions and without wanting anything back.
They want to fill your vessel with nectar. Are you ready to receive?
Go on, it’s time and you deserve it, so much.
Kiran G

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