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The Sun People Are Rising!

Sun people have been victimised, trespassed, harmed, oppressed and targetted for a long time. Sun people are light bearers, light spreaders, healers, lightwarriors, who fight in favour of justice, fairness, environment, humanity and all species of the earth.
Sun people have been harmed for too long, the sun is a spiritual energy, with super powerful frequencies of life. The sun gives lifes, keeps us warm, has a healing frequency, it heals diseases, grows plants and is a life giver.
Sun people bring peace, balance, love, healing, nurturing, affection, warmth, life and healing. That’s is why people who are aligned with the sun frequencies are not wanted on this earth. Beware, if you are targetted, you may be a sun person.
Lots of starseeds are from the sun, the blue sun, the yellow sun and other suns. It’s time to rise now!
Lightwarrior Kiran G