Depending on the intensity of the old relationships (karmic), each twin is making their way back home, to their beloved.
This is taking some time as there are some people are lining up to clear their karma with the twin soul. Some are old flames from the soul tribe, where there was a lot of passion and loyalty, but the relationship did not last, there was heartbreak.
Then, there are those which did not go well at all. Those toxic, horror stories, which left a sour taste in your mouth and left you feeling deceived about love.
The Twin waits in the background, for their twin to clear all of this, however, one twin can choose not to come back and stay in the karmic relationship as they are not ready for the intensity of the twin soul connection.
This love is new, we are not used to this kind of love, this is other – worldly and is playing with us, making us perfect, balanced, open-hearted and it can freak us out.
Both has the free will to decide whether they will enter this, or wait. If they choose to do the inner work, which is a killer exercise 🙂 if you are still alive, well done, after all that purging, releasing, clearing. No stone is left unturned.
So, if you’re ready for this, union is here, it is going to happen really soon. Both are ready and are going to dance to the symphony orchestra.
Yep. This is it!
If you’re ready.
Much love, to you and your twin love.
Lightwarrior Kiran G

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