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Bound By Karmic Bonds!

YOu’ve been bound into karmic bonds and were stuck in a loop. It was like a chain, that kept on going, it was there to allow you to make corrections. What are/were the lessons in that karmic bond? Perhaps you were ready to let go of your past and someone did not want to let you go, even though they had you in negative bonds and there were extreme negative feelings in the connection, it was still something and it mattered to them. It was better than not having you. If you have worked on your energy for a long time, you’re feel powerful, clear and in full power and control, people want you in their lives.
You not wanting them, was a dark place, life was dark for them, so they did everything to come back to you, even if it was negative, attacking psychic energies, that way they got your attention.
But, you know how not to respond, how to protect yourself, they cannot connect to you anymore, they cannot hurt or harm you anymore. You have the MAGICK and you know how to remove these negative aspects from your life.
Do not think that they will go away by themselves, you have/had to remove them, by (energetic force). You know what to do!
It’s time to break those karmic bonds forever, these people have learnt that you will not have them in your life and they are not best pleased. Good for you. It’s time to remove toxic, narcissists, dark knights, psychic controllers, black magicians who feed on your light. This is the time!
Lightwarrior Kiran G