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Clearing Karma To be With The Twin!

The Comeback – Time for the world to know, that I am back to run the show!

Karmas are being released now. Old people will resurface and want to be dealt with. Old stories coming back, new people, with whom you had Karma may resurface, people whom you have removed may come back for a second, third … tenth chance!

Karmic relationships have to be released, before the twin union happens. This has been a long awaited moment, for both.
This can go any way, it could go the other way, because old karmic parties will try to pull you away from this divine connection, as they want another chance with you. These are strong karmic relations, if you don’t want them back, they will still try and in the meantime, other karmic relations may surface.
When you are in your divine frequency, a lot of potential love interests will surface, be careful though, this is a test of your commitment.
There are lots of tests in this connection, if nothing takes you away from the commitment, then you have won. Forgive yourself and everyone involved. Release all of it, with love and compassion. New YOutube on how to release someone with love and compassion.
Kiran G