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All The Things That Were Left Unsaid! Healed!

Lightcodes, downloads for healing all your communications. Your throat centres, your higher throat chakras.

Your ancestors’ communication.
Your starseed lineage communication.
Your family of origin communications
Your Guides and Star guides communications
Your earth family communications.
Your akashic records and Karmic records, where you did not speak and should have. Rectifying the old programs, old dimensions.
Your speech is clear ^^^
Your communication connected to divine
Great powers flow through you, through your voice, your communications, your self expression, your writing, your thoughts, your aura, your chakras, your art, your presence, your third eye, your eyes, your crown, your higher chakras, you are a mystery, you attract the right people to you, your creations are desired by many, the ancestors have blessed you, your existence, your path, your life, your ventures, your past, present and future. Your energies self correct, your magic powerful!
Victory is yours, now and forever, timelines and dimensions are self corecting to bring everything to you!
YOu are ready for great powers to flow through YOU!
You’re ready and you will not abuse those powers. Trust yourself, love yourself and you’ve got this! Forgive your past!
Kiran G