Lightcodes and downloads to clear all chakras and auras of presence.
Clearing the root of all fears and insecurity
Clearing the sacral of fears of living and life
Clearing the solar centre for loss of power
Clearing the heart of all heartaches
Clearing the Throat of all pain of speaking your truth and power.
Clearing the Third eye of all knowledge lost. restoring the new ascended master programs.
Clearing the Crown, from the loss of the crown.
Clearing all higher chakras.
Clearing all dimensions, centres, layers, levels, times, timelines, parallel universes, existence, directions and pathways.
Clearing ancestors and family of origins
Clearing karma and akashic records
Clearing pain and suffering programs.
Reconnecting you to the divine existence, prime creator and divine multiverses.
Grounding the divine on this earth.
Clearing all dark programs and holograms. Restoring the divine in all its splendour and wholeness.
Clearing our sun ancestors, family of origin ancestors, starseed ancestors, planetary grids of control and subjugation. Restoring peace and love on this planet, universe and multiverse. Clearing lightwarriors programs. Rising into our power and glory. Forgive yourself.
Aho! It IS TIME!
Kiran G Lightwarrior.

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