Major cycles of karma are closing. Relations which did not work are falling out of your life.

Cutting cords with people from your past, closing major cycles of old pain and suffering.
Releasing old wounds. Forgiveness and seeing others with compassion and with the eyes of unconditional love.

Having strong boundaries. This is the dawning of the age of aquarius. What you say goes, you are the magician (this is for those who have done the inner work).
Keep your thoughts elevated, really elevated.
You are suddenly seeing the truth for what it is. A lot is being revealed. You’re manifesting magick and great relationships. You are on a roll. Believe in your super powers, you are IT!
Everyone wants to be with you or like you! Baby!!!
Cut ties with those who are not in highest alignment with you. They must join you on your timeline or you MOVE ON!
No more playing games. No compromise. It’s your way or highway. You are NOT playing anymore.
If someone wants to be in your team, wants your high priest/priestess presence, they do as YOU SAY!
Illusions, deception, lower vibes are being revealed, fake masks are falling, if someone is cloaking themselves in light to fool you, you SEE IT! You see through EVERYTHING. You have worked hard and it’s all happening for you, right now.
Aligning with ancestors, generations, ascended masters, divine, planets, you are in control of a lot of power and authority. People are looking at you, listening to you, you are the authority figure right now. You have mystery. This comes from the divine. You are connected to your star ancestors, star magic, sun light. Your ancestors are powerful, they are protecting you, you have a great mission on this earth. Divine is using you to balance this earth’s field. Your energy is explosive and is being seen from far away, no one can touch you. You have major protection and a great mission.
The divine is here, seeding this earth with highest vibes through you, through a lot, you are grounding this divine energy right now. You balance this earth with light, darkness cannot live around you, they melt away, you are thunder, lightning, fire and darkness is obliterated around you.

You are being supported every step of the way, have faith, trust, even though if it feels like your life is falling apart, you are actually on the right path. Divine is intervening in your life to make magick happen. Trust and have faith.
Divine Justice is here. You will get what you want. Manifest your wants, it will appear in your life. Go for it, you have super powers.
Kiran G

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