Self love, baby!

This is your answer to everything. Self Love is the answer. Love your every part, cell, atom, molecule, photon inside of you.

If you’ve ever felt you aren’t lovable, you aren’t beautiful or unworthy of love. Know that you are worthy of love, you are beautiful, you are a star in the dance of galaxies, you are here to first love yourself like no one has ever loved you, see every part of you with pure love, bless yourself, your life, your beauty, your scars and everything that you feel is unworthy of your own love.
Speak to your cells, speak to your atoms and molecules, speak to every part of you and tell your cells how much you love it.
Self love is the mother of all loves. If you have never felt the love, know that self love is the answer. Learn to love yourself, the parts you don’t feel is beautiful. Know that you are beautiful.
Lightcodes, downloads and upgrades are in this communication, just receive.
Kiran G

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