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Cancelling, Clearing, Obliterating The Old, Seeding, Lightcoding The New!

Cancelling and Clearing – Old bad Karma, karmic relationships that have been really toxic, one-sided, harmful to you.
Clearing all times, timelines, space, dimensions, lifetimes from all negative karmas, people, situations, bad relationships, heartbreaks, waiting to move on, soul breaks, feeling stuck, feeling unloved, unrequited love, one-sided relationships, situationships or being stuck with dark entities.

Breaking all curses, hexes and spells from all times, timelines, space, directions and lifetimes.
Breaking spells from people who want to force you to give to them, your energy, your time, your affection, your light, your abundance.
Removing people and entities who are dark and destructive to your soul.
Clearing all times, timelines, space, lifetimes, star lineage, family of origin, your twin flame, your soul mate, your twin soul matrix and grids.
Concentrate on the words and image to do a thorough clearing for you and your loved ones. Save the picture if you like, as soon as you look at it, the clearing, deleting and removing of old paradigms will begin.
Restoring your DNA, your every cell, atom, molecule, photon, neutron of light. Lightcodes are now downloaded to your cells to feed, nourish and elevate to the next levels of ascension. Uniting with your own self. Seeding self love, beauty and all kinds of abundance programs in you. Receive, with gratitude.
This is a gift from me, to you and the whole of humanity. Namaste (the light within me, salutes the light within you)
Lightwarrior Kiran G