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Freeing The Wizard Within!

The wizard/wizardess within is ready in all their glory to come out and bring the magic of life to the outside world.
The wizard/ess has been transmuting a lot of the sludge that others have projected onto them.
Your magic is ready, you have been cleaning, clearing, removing those who are a drain to your lifeforce and magic.
You are limitless, you know right from wrong.
Others have tried to fool you, may be they did for a little while, but not for long.
You saw through them, you removed their masks of light and they were revealed to you.
There are a lot of people who are wearing light masks and who are here to defeat you. They wear cloaks, you will know them, your intuition will tell you straight away, who you can trust, who you cannot. Wizard and wizardesses will have vampiric energy attached to them, someone who want to own/possess them, in truth they want their powers and light.
These are broken souls, who cannot heal themselves, they have bad karma and want to find someone to do the work for them.
They use a lot of sexual magic, love magic and spells to attach themselves to the wizard/ess. Beware they only have one purpose, to drain all your life force, to possess your life and soul.
They will cast spells daily to call your soul back to them. Make sure you remove this person, forever. Break spells, curses and hexes. They are crazy in their heads. Get yourself in a safe place. Use your powers to transmute all their magic and spells.
Use love to stop them. Do not accept anything from them, let it bounce back. They will dump on you, they are landfills of darkness. They are black magicians, sorcerers. If you are a great wizard/ess, you will definitely have one or two of these who will come to harm you.
Clear/clean you energies regularly. Also, they will attack your loved ones, this is so you can return to them and be with them.
But, you see everything. Don’t worry, they are powerless and don’t know what else to do, to own you again. In the past, they had all the powers, now you do. You took all your powers back and now, they are running. Forgive them and send them love.
You’re ready for your next part of your life. Here are some clearings for you. Put your intention to clear and allow the energies to clear you, you can look at the image and you will be cleared. There are lightcodes in these, only for those with the highest intentions for this earth, others and the light multiverse. We’re the children of the sun.
Clearing generational curses, hexes and spells
Clearing your energy
Clearing the wizard, wizardess, your family, your divine counterpart/s.
Clearing your soulmate, twinflame templates
Clearing karma
Clearing all lifetimes, space, time, timelines, dimensions.
Clearing your family of origin
Clearing your ancestors
Clearing your star ancestors
Clearing your light and magic
Clearing all lightwarriors, lightworkers, wizards, wizardess of the light realms
Clearing the collective
Clearing the world
Clearing generational curses, hexes and spells
Clearing sexual spells, sexual magic, love potions, love spells
Clearing the star child, mother and father.
Clearing the divine template
You are safe.
Lightwarrior, shaman Kiran G