It’s time beloved. If you have been waiting forever, this is your time. Soulmates and Twin flames are coming together. They are all ready to show their love to each other, to heal the planet, with the highest vibrations of light, love and highest consciousness.
For this to happen, miracles are happening. Divine loves have been stuck forever, with karmic relationships that have been really painful and toxic.
A lot of twin flames, soulmates are stuck in really toxic, destructive relationships which are one-sided and abusive. It’s not that they don’t want to get out, it’s that the other party won’t allow them to leave, they are using all the tricks in the book to keep this going.
They use spells, curses and all kinds of magick, because they want this beautiful soul back and they realise that they have missed out, especially if they were abusive and disrespecful and the empath left.
Even though in distance, they won’t let go with the continuous abuse, sending psychic attacks, attacking in 5D, on astral planes, other dimensions, magick and all sorts of ways.
Beware! if you find you can’t break away from this evil, toxic, horror. The universe will send you help. Look for it and accept it when it comes.
The multiverse is sending help in ingenius ways for you to remove them from your life, when this miracle shows up, all you will want to do is remove the Karmic abuser from your life.
This miracle will boost you up, to inject you with life and life force. This is not for everyone though, a select few starseed twins who have been stuck in toxic entanglement.
Where one abuser does not want to let go of the empathic soul. There are also a lot of dark forces being conjured by the abuser. Be careful, transmute the magick and heal yourself.
You have all the knowledge and if you need this boost, here it is in the form of a download, upgrade. Just concentrate on the picture/image, words. Forgive them. Clear your energy, constantly.
Lightwarrior Kiran G

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