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Releasing Addictions, Obsessions and Attachments To Others!

No judgment on my part. I mean I have a very addictive, obsessive personality myself.
I use this energy as a propulsion to get important things done in my life.
I have managed to channel it as a positive energy. I get addicted to achieving, obsessed with my goals and completing them.

I used to get attached to things, people, situations that are extremely charged and dysfunctional.
If that’s been your normal when you were little, then you’re used to this and need it. Heal the inner child.
If you had a highly charged family life, family members, this is what you will feel comfortable with and around.
It’s time to release all these. There are lightcodes here, this is generational, ancestral circle that needs healing.
Releasing addictions to substances, chemicals, things, habits, emotions, people, cycles, circles and situations.
If you’re obsessed with someone, ask yourself why? you must work towards letting this obsession go. Or you will be depleted fast.

Know that if someone is meant to be in your life, they will be. Allow others to show you what you need to work on yourself. If you see a part of you you don’t like, deal with that in you. The mirror does not lie.
If you are scared of losing someone, ask yourself why? perhaps people left you when you were little, perhaps that’s your modus operandi, your way of being, the way you see life, what you expect from life, perhaps that’s how your ancestors felt, that they always lost everything valuable and that others always took from them. Do not judge yourself harshly, use the mirror of someone’s strong light to show you what you need to let go in yourself.

See it, honour it, without feeling ashamed of this addiction, obsession, over-protectiveness, jealousy or the deep attachments. See your cycles of attachments, how you attach to others, in what way, what manner and do you expect these people to make you happy, bring you all the love, beauty, wealth to you, whilst you expect everything from them? Or do you work equally hard and invest your 100% as well?

Listen, you can do this. Lightcodes, downloads, upgrades here, for you, your ancestors, your star ancestors, your family, your family of origin, your star roots, your sun roots, your earth roots, your other planetary roots.
You are multidimensional.
All cleared. Forgive yourself and all your ancestors. Send love.

Lightwarrior Kiran G