A while back, we lost our divine essence to outside forces who came to conquer us and our light. Divine consciousness was eradicated on this earth, those who stole our divine essence are now back in our lives to pay their debts towards us.
The debt is heavy, they stole, the pillaged, plundered, destroyed a lot of lives in the past.
The divine is claiming back all its powers, its spirit, its essence and its light. Those who abused others are now having to pay back, just sit back and watch.
If you are a divine feminine/masculine, those who took all your powers away, are now in your life to return what they took. Notice, their lives are upside down, nothing works, their relationships do not work, they are poor (in energy, frequency, life force, vibrations, money, abundance and opportunities).
They did you wrong and now is payback time, you will collect your dues and it’s happening as we speak.
This is not revenge, it’s what is owed to you, it’s what they took from you, your light, your abundance, your life force, your spirit, your essence, your life, your health and all things that belonged to you. Take back your powers.
It’s now back! Rejoice. Just watch now, those who stole from you, have to return all things multifold. YOu Know everything, you see everything. Meditate. Your ancestors are working fiercely to help you. Ask them for help, ask all your guardians to help you, you have powerful guides.
Forgive and call back all that belongs to you.

Lightwarrior Kiran G

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