Divine Feminine

Call back all your soul pieces, some parts may have been taken, stolen, some parts you have given away willingly to others, perhaps when you were in love, you gave someone your heart and they broke it.

Perhaps you made contracts with others to heal, look after and soothe your soul. Perhaps all you have looked for all your life is love from others, so you keep throwing yourself in others people’s arms, please them for them to love you.
This is not real love (and no judgment here) pull back your energies, call back your soul pieces, give yourself everything you have ever wanted.
Give yourself your own time, if that’s what you want from others.
Give yourself your own love, attention, care, help and support, if you seek love, care attention from others.
By being the well of everything you seek, you come home. You are the home, you are your own love.
If you felt abandoned, neglected, betrayed, rejected by your care-givers, then, give yourself that love, reparent yourself be the mother that you want for yourself.
Be your own father, be your own authority figure, be the divine mother that you have always wanted.
Be your own loving siblings, be your own divine love, be the partner you have always craved for.
Be everything to yourself, release inner conflict, release loss and grief, send love to the broken parts in you. Nurture your divine feminine, masculine. If you have been waiting for the perfect love, the wholesome love, the respect, the love that’s out of this world. You can give yourself that. When you do and you release all conflicts within, you will become a magnet to magical, high vibing people, situations and love.
I wish you well.

Lightwarrior Kiran G

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