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Freeing The Divine Feminine Archetype From Evil Males!

Divine feminine is whole!

This is to answer the call of the divine feminine. A lot of us need this soul healing right now. So, here it is.
The divine feminine has been harmed, abused, distorted, destroyed by oppressive forces for aeons of time.
Distorted males have done everything in their power to make sure that we stay down and never rise.
This is the time that divine feminines are rising and those who have come to destroy the divine feminine are seeing themselves as the destroyed.
Beware, those who come with unclean hands. Your time is up. Those who have felt hatred towards the divine feminine, have also come with the divine feminine (in this lifetime) to make sure she is obliterated. This fight have been going on for a long time and the evil male has been winning.
This time, the divine feminine wins and if you have had encounters with evil males trying to destroy your soul, they will be destroyed this time. You will see them, you will know their every move, you will see with your inner eye, after all, it is the feminine who put them on this earth, it is the feminine who can take them out.
This is not to villify the male here, but the destructive male, who many divine feminines have met, who will go very far to make sure that the divine does not rise. These males steel, tresspass, rob the feminine of everything they have, this post is for those divine feminines who are stuck with demonic males, who is here to destroy you, this is your call and your lightcode to rise. It happened to me as well and I know I need to make sure that we rise now and defeat these evil, dark entities who are not of light, but of darkness.
They pass themselves as light, they will mimic you, because they know you will not figure it out. They can skin all the time, they mimic your kindness, your success, your creativity, your high vibes just to hook you in, then they destroy you. They give you crumbs and make you an option, just when it looks like you’re leaving they show up and breadcrumb you. They disrespect, abuse, they take, they oppress, subjugate you energetically, as they feel they are the macho man. You cannot leave, they will not allow it, they are vindictive, vengeful, they will stalk you energetically, they send a lot of telepathic messages of hatred, vengeance, threats to keep you in place. Even if you block them on social media, they will make other accounts, stalk you, watch you, to see how you are getting on. They will terrorise you with rituals, spells, curses and hexes. These are energetic mages, who know how to use the dark magic to keep you down.
KNow that this is NOT LOVE, it’s abuse and slavery of you and your energy. They own your divine feminine, you must fight them to take it back.
These are not good people. They do as they please and you must do as they command, you are basically their energetic slave, they feed on you as and when they please.
You come and go as they please, this is done on the astral level, energetically, they swipe all your energies, your power, your light so you remain in darkness.
You have nad lifetimes with this evil entity, there is no light in this person, they steal light, they upgrade themselves through stealing your soul, your essence, your light constantly, that’s why they cannot do it without you.
They cannot heal without you, you are basically their slave to heal them. For a long time, you will not be able to heal, you will notice as soon as you meet them, all hell breaks loose, they are not divine, they are cursed, they do not have goodness in them.
They will use all kinds of magick, spells, psychic attacks, telepathic attacks to keep you in their prison, that is why a lot of feminines remain with the evil man. They cannot leave, because they are the source of food, light, a fill for the evil man.

Beware of this man, make sure you remove them as fast as you can, it will take you time, but you will.
Remove all their photos, block, cut, take a distance. They will continue to control you mentally, psychically, shield your mind. They will continue to steal your energy, shield your energy. They will continue to stalk your social media, to keep an eye on you, shield your social media, with light bubbles and clean, cleanse yourself a LOT!
They are creepy, they project their hatred a lot, shield yourself. They throw a lot of their energy on you, clean, cleanse and transmute this. Return them. Then, send them LOVE!
It will take you time to remove this entity from you, it will take time to forgive them, because you will realise how much they have stolen. Everything from you. YOU must fight this dark entity. They come as friends, colleagues, lovers, twin flames (fake), soulmates (fake) and partners.
Karma is here, it’s your time to reap your good karma. They are here to pay their dues to you soon. You are waiting for divine justice, this is the lifetime when it happens.
This post is to let those know if you are working on your divine feminine, you will encounter evil males. Beware. They will come to obliterate you. This is a post to help you save yourself, protect yourself, shield yourself and receive healing and purification energies from the divine.
Your time is here. If you think this post is judging someone, well, think about all the feminines who are not stuck with evil males who are destroying them.
In divine love and healing. I wish you well sister. You are now FREE and it’s time for you to collect your dues. Just watch! Receive lightcodes.
Lightwarrior Kiran G