It has been tough for this world. Everywhere you look, there is destruction, rainbow people have risen to protect the earth and all its species from destruction.
You are one of the protectors of this earth. You are a powerful co-creator with the divine, you are here to transmute and regenerate the old to new healthy way.
Life will be back, more abundant than before, everything will be freed from slavery and servitude.
Trees will be back again, their souls healed. All elements back with power.
All animals treated with respect. All races of humans united. All polluting corporations destroyed and obliterated.
All greedy, evil corporations totally removed from this earth.

Earth is rising, gaia is rising, we have risen, star races are here as lightwarriors to defend and protect, to destroy and obliterate those who stand in the way.
Fierceful, powerful warriors are rising, these warriors cannot be destroyed, the divine has been too good for too long, now the good card is not going to work and even the divine has had to upgrade plans.
So, we are here, rainbow children, protectors, defenders, prosecutors, judges, teachers, lecturers, public speakers, writers, artists, storytellers, earth protectors, human rights activists, dissenters, lovers of all kinds, ethical farmers, animal rights activists are all here. This time we play a different game, not one that can be defeated.
Starseeds are here, working hard, we know what we need to do, where we need to go and how to fight these dark entities.

Lightwarrior Kiran G

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