Healing all divine connections in all your life. Your soulmate, twin flame, your love connections, with others.
Lightcodes are everywhere on this site and in this post. You will know, your soul and starseed, lightseed self will decode and download as we go.
The reason I use lightcodes, is that in the past, information I have shared has been used by dark forces to attack my own self and other divine lightseeds.
I have a person who stalks me and steals knowledge and high dimensional wisdom and secret information. Now, there is no info for them.
Lightcodes have information in them, which you download and your higher self knows, it can only be downloaded by light ones.
This is for you to clear yourself from dark, evil sorcerers magic, to take over your third eye and keep you enslaved to them, to serve them energetically and in servitude.
YOu know who this person/these people are.
They want to take you away from your divine love connections, so that you never unite with your divine love.
Lightcodes for you to remove these entities from your life>

To break all evil eyes, evil intentions, voodoo, black magic, spells, love spells, tantric spells, rituals, all thefts, all attacks in the akasha, dream state, 3D, 4D and above dimensions.
Your ideas being stolen and passed as theirs. Taking credit for your work, wisdom and intelligence. Lightcodes here for you to take back everything that was stolen from you in the akasha realms. You being separated from your divine loves.
Your will bent and your power and light used for the fall of humanity. You take back your powers, NOW!
Clearing and sending back what’s not yours. Taking and calling back what’s yours.
Clearing, healing connections with your loved ones, your divine love connections, heal the pain, clear, remove, cancel, removing waiting magic, cloaks, revealing everything so you can clear them NOW!
Removing stuck programs, distortion of the feminine/masculine programs.
Sending healing to all directions, time, space, lifetimes, timelines, dimensions.
All attacks, emotions, energies, bad karma returned.
Clearing, clearing, clearing, so all your relationships and love returns, you unite with your own self and your divine counterpart.
Healing your path, pathways, removing conflicts/separations in your divine relationships, restoring peace, love and balance. Clearing your matrix, your archetype, balancing all energies, grounding, shielding, filling with light.
Stop giving away your energy for free, to everyone. Keep it for yourself, until you feel you need to share with someone. Those dark entities are attracted to light ones who give freely and willingly and that’s why they are attached to lightones. Lightcode here.
Banning forever all forces that are not of the highest vibrations of love, light, balance.
Healing all starseeds, sun people, star people, earth people. Rise in power, unity and peace.
Much love to you

Lightwarrior Kiran G

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