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If You’re Looking To Be Saved, Protected and Rescued!

This is your cue, you are the one who must do this for you, not anyone else.
No one else can rescue, protect and save you from anything. This is the knight in shining armour, who comes to rescue you from all the pain, suffering and misery in your life.
This will not happen, even if you have a protective male over you, they will not be able to save you, protect you, this is your job.
Waiting to be saved, protected and rescued is something we have all watched in the movies, the perfect romance, where the lady is always saved by a male.
Listen, this is your job, if you feel you want love, give yourself love, if you want to be protected, give yourself that protection, by protecting your energy, your time, who you mingle with, who you give yourself to, who you speak to, who you associate with.
Rescue yourself, no divine masculine or masculine will do this for you, protect yourself, if you’re feeling desperate for someone to love you, ask yourself why? why don’t you love yourself? It’s time to let go of old ways of thinking and ols paradigms, you’re ready to love, protect, rescue and save yourself. Take pride, king/queen.
Much love,

Lightwarrior, Kiran G