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Letting Go of Control Issues, When It Comes To Others!

When it concerns other people, if you have plans that include others, other people have free will, power and control over their choices and decisions.

Sometimes, out of a deep desire to help someone so badly or interfere in their lives in some way, thinking that we are helping, actually we aren’t.

If we jump in and help all the time, others do not get the chance to learn and grow. The whole point of life is to learn right?
Sometimes, imposing ourselves, without asking, thinking that we know better than the other and that it comes from a good place, does not actually help someone to grow, because we took the brunt of the lesson for them, thinking that we are helping them, but this only delays their growth.

They have to learn the lesson anyway, so they will come back to it again, so it’s not that trying to help, overhelp will help the person. Especially, if someone does not want to help or did not ask for the help.
It’s ok to give yourself permission not to help others. Just relax and sit back, your lessons are under control, allow others to learn theirs.
If it’s something else, remember, others have a right to free will and choice. Forcing them into anything is akin to hurting them.

Lightwarrior Kiran G