At this time of rising frequencies, there are great plans to mask the truth right now.
The dark is working hard to keep divine masculines and feminines separated through a new mean.

This is the fake divine masculine and feminine. I have already met two, who came into my life, were very involved in my life, passing themselves as divine masculine/feminine.

They talk the talk, they do not walk the walk. So, they appear to be what seems to be the real thing. They copy, mimic you, your mannerisms, your style, your success, they pretend they are very successful, they pretend to be doing well.
In reality, they aren’t. Their lives have fallen apart, because of bad karma. They lose their home to repossession, they do not do well in general, they cannot keep a healthy relationship with anyone.
People usually see through their fake azz self.
They are angry people, they do not have “love and light” inside of them as these words seem to roll off their tongues all day long.
These people are here to steal from you, usually they will come close to you, or you will be fooled to think they are divine and bring them into your life.
The cloak remains for a while, as they want to keep the game going, they are secretly attacking you all the time. Throwing all kinds of energies, psychic, emotional, projections, hatred, anger, bitterness onto you.
They smile to your face and behind your back they are stealing your abundance.
They might steal your reputation, your light, your freedom (through all kinds of witchcrafts), they pretend to be so good, you will not even see it, as you are such a divine heart. Even if you see it, you will convince yourself that they are not and that it’s all in your imagination.
You will know it though, your gut feeling will tell you. Lately, someone has been trying to take my success away from me, she is so angry with me, I have never done anything to her, I keep on forgiving her, but she keeps on attacking me.
All because of jealousy! She is alone, lonely, her life is not good, she has bad health, is always grumpy, aggressive with others, has extremely negative vibes, the man she wants does not seem to reciprocate her love for him (unrequited love), she does not seem to have much success, happiness whilst I do. My crime is that I am happy and successful.
It’s been the same with the supposed “divine masculine” who came into my life a while back. Same kind of history. They are very good at pretending to be what they aren’t.
I manifest all my abundance (this is what divine starseeds do with ease), come with clean hands and all will be just and fair. If you come with dirty hands, bad intent, the bad karma is heavy.
I met two, they both stole a lot from me! It took me a while to see the real them because I tend to see the good in people and deny my intuition.

Divine starseeds do not have a bad bone in their body, their intentions are so clean, pure and innocent. All they want to do is help everyone, free them from pain. This is good karma. Forgive these people, send them love, you will see their truth soon.

Lightwarrior Kiran G

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