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Divine Melanin Is Healed!

If you are from the stars and you have more melanin, make sure you honour it. Melanin is very powerful and it has wisdom within.
Remember, a lot of us with golden frequencies have deep, dark melanin inside our pores. If that’s attacked, then you will manifest a lot of issues with your melanin, your skin colour.
It’s time to honour your melanin and be proud of your skin colour. Everyone has melanin remember, some of us have it more.
Lightcodes to heal your melanin powers.
Clearing generational, ancestral melanin attacks.
Clearing all dark forces’ magic.
Freeing you from all illusions
Healing your melanin, melanocytes, your divine waters in your body.
Clearing your race from melanin attacks

Lightcodes for melanated star ancestors, ancestars.
YOu are free, your melanin is free from dark forces’ agenda.
Namaste light ones.

Lightwarrior Kiran G