The rising is happening for all starseeds. The Universe has aligned miracles to free starseeds from evil prisons.
If you’ve been stuck in this dark cycle, stuck with someone really dark, who was sent to steal your life, then, you must free yourself from this curse.

This may be following you from past lives, old civilisations, where a lot of high priests, wizards were captured and destroyed.

Beware of false divine masculines and feminines, who are around you right now, they’ve been sent to destroy you and throw you off your mission.

They are stealing from you, your light, your power, your mission, they mimic you very well, they pass themselves as you, they copy you, that’s how they hide themselves. They pretend to be the divine feminine or the divine masculine, they say all the right things, but you know who they really are deep down.

They are agressive, violent, they are jealous of your power and light, they hate you inside, they have angry faces, they speak angrily, they disagree with everything you say or do, they are your opposite, they aren’t empathic, some even pretend to be healers, reiki masters, they have learnt the arts of magick and use it to suppress you, oppress you, attack your third eye, so you don’t see, they constantly throw spells, conjure dark forces to harm you, they throw psychic attacks at you because you manifest well and have a successful life, they are broken, in a dark dungeon, stuck and nothing they want shall be offered to them.

This is old karma due, this is judgment. What they really desire, want, dying for, will not be offered to them, they did this to you, now they want the same thing from the universe. Some separated you from your life, they stole your life, your powers, your divine love, now they want the same that they stole. They will not be given this, the universe has taken away everything they took away from you.

They are in a deep, dark place, nothing good is happening. Darkness is them, they are darkness, they are being shown who they really are. There is nothing good about them, they have worn the divine mask for so long, they don’t even know who they are. They think they are divine and now they are finding out who they really are, they have a bank of negative karma to work through and your time is here, your good karma has been activated. These are currently the most dangerous humans on this earth. They are very well cloaked, watch out starry ones, indigos, empaths, sun people, light people, earth people. What they took from you, you shall receive thirteen fold. This is how much they will lose.
Your time is here. Namaste Light ones!

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