The Cosmos has your back. Ancestors are lining up to protect your back and what you cannot see. You are on a roll right now. Break out of old pain and suffering and if you have been stuck with someone abusive for long, this person takes your energy, vibration, your life force, telepathically harms you, casts spells on you to keep you in their prison, then your time is here, you will see everything that they are doing, you break out of their evil spells. NOW!

Your good intent, which become actions and deeds are now maturing and coming back to you, thirteenfold. Those who stole from you, your ancestors, your loved ones have to return all of it, thirteenfold.

Your time is here baby! are you feeling it? you manifest the greatest relationships (if this was stolen from you) they will return happier and with more love for you. You will meet your divine counterpart, they have made themselves known to you and are coming for you, fast!
Be ready for all your blessings as soon as the new year comes in. Open your heart, release the destructive, fake azz saboteurs who stole so much from you.
They will return everythign to you, have faith. It’s time, justice is being done, you will see everything. It will be shown to you, what they took, they must return (thirteenfold). All your love returns now. Your cup is overflowing, your abundance keeps on growing. Listen, this is not just your good karma, but also your ancestors’ good karma too.
Give thanks to your ancestors, your ancestars, your guides, your earth star ancestors and everyone who came to help. The dark times are over. Forgive.

Kiran G Lightwarrior

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