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Month: January 2021

Do Not Allow Anyone To Disrespect YOU!

You are the deal. Make sure people know that. Speak your truth with confidence, do not allow anyone to abuse you, do not allow anyone to disrespect you. If someone […]

Listen, You Deserve It ALLLLL!

No one has time for bread crumbs, for bit and pieces, for being an option. YOU ARE ITTT BABAYYY! That’s right! Listen, do not hang around those who do not […]

You Took All Your POwers Back!

Listen, all the people you met, although scary and horrible some of them, you met them because you had karma to clear. Remember the worst individual who took all your […]

Send Love To The Situation!

If you have been feeling unsure or fearful about something, your life, your future, your present or even your past. Perhaps you don’t even know where this is coming from, […]

How To Clear Karma – Step by Step – A Beginners Course

If you are tired to manifesting the same old, same old patterns over and over again. If you are stuck, if you are going round and round in circles and don't know how to get out of generational pain and suffering, this could be the answer you are looking for.