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Day 1 – Start Anew, Star Anew You Are!

I command you leave all the sub standard stuff behind. All the people who did not honour you, respect you, those who trespassed you, I command that you remove them from your life.
Do not give them a second, millisecond of your time, energy or life force. Thinking about them, gives them energy.

If they did not give you what you required, say they dishonoured you, trespassed you, walked all over you, your time is here to make sure you remove them from your life.

They need to go, they need to go find their own flock, so they can be filled with horror together. Not with you. Tell them to take their fake azz somewhere else, not taint your high pool of energies and consciousness.

So, now cut them out, do not dwell on their darkness, but strategise as to how to get rid of them. Now, close your boundaries and only allow the highest levels of consciousness inside of your circle.
Only the best of the best. The Bitter Bettys have to go. They’ve got to go.

Bring super power into this new conscious year. Bring love, highest love energies, do not bring anything from your past. Cut cords with those who were there, those low vibrating people, aggressive azzes, bitter bettys, who took all the time, attacked your light, remove them from your life. They are very angry and sad in their dark, drained, lifeless dungeons, nothing good there. YOU move on, do not entertain those azzes (asses I mean!). Slay the dragons. Slay the dragons, their time is up in your dimensions. Time is UP!
Be in your power, be ruthless, make sure they do not come to take your beauty, love, light and abundance away. Use your sword, do not be nice to them!
This new consciousness commands greatness, the light in its full glory, abundance, light, life force, beauty, health, wealth of all kinds, freedom of the soul, life, fame (if you so desire), all the money, service to humanity, service to the earth, healing and magic.

Much love to you,

Kiran G Lightwarrior