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Divine Ones, You’re An Exclusive Club, Remove Peasants!

If you have given too many chances to idiots, too many chances, they made you an option, when you gave them all the respect and time, you need to remove these peasants, poor idiot, who has nothing, but actually is stealing from you.

You are the end of dark evil ones!

They come, they take and you forgive them for years. They abuse you, they take, they shapeshift, they ridicule you and treat you like a slave, who works for them. They treat you as an energy giver, they steal everything from you and they build their castle.

Beware of fake divine masculines, fake divine feminines, false twin flames, they are rotten souls, who are totally distorted and want what you have. They come your way to steal your life, your light, your hard work, your abundance.
They are shapeshifters, they think you are an idiot who does not see their truth. When you see through their evilness, they attack you energetically, psychically, telepathically, mentally, spiritually and all kinds of jujus.

Be careful of these evil mofos. Evilness at its worst. They will steal everything from you, if you don’t fight back, they will take your soul. When you realised all of it, you stood up and you served them their karma back. Now they are dealing with karmic forces that they cannot do anything about.

Your time has come to collect your dues, thirteenfold. They and their ancestors have to pay. Let them run, to the ends of the world and beyond, they will have to pay and your ancestors are working with you to collect.
Namaste, Lightwarrior. Do not back down, do not bend, today is the first day of collection, they will pay heavy.

Lightwarrior Kiran G