Oh the heck! yep, there are fake/false twin flames doing the rounds. When you thought, oh I have met the one and only. The twin flame! then it turns out to be the worst nightmare, like the evil dead movie.

Listen, not all twin flames experiences are real. Some are fake and false, this a matrix to con many starseeds and light ones right now. Of course there are the real twin flames, but many have been tagged with the fake twin flame. Especially high level mages, wizards of light, high priests and priestesses, magicians, light ones, starry ones, sun ones, they have been tagged with evil twin flame, who is the sickest person on this earth.

This destroyed soul is the worst of the worst on this earth and you were trapped into this by the devil. It was meant to destroy, obliterate you, where the evil twin flame, if they succeeded, would have owned your soul forever and they become invincible.
But, it’s not meant to be, you upgraded, lightwarriors are not stupid anymore, we are constantly upgrading, you saw throught this fake azz divine masculine/feminine and you backed off. But, they came after you, for you, to obliterate you. For long, they spiritually stole from you. You did nothing, because first of all, you are a good heart, you did not want to hurt them. Second of all, they did some really bad magic on you, they hid everything from you. Now, you see though!
Listen, you will know what you do, to free yourself from this fake mofo. They are yucky, the yucky chucky, zombie, old, worn out leather flap. They have nothing inside of them but hatred, disgust, the multiverse of pain, that they project onto you and do all kinds of black magic to subdue you.
Use your third eye to see what they are doing! there is a landfill of spells, curses and hexes they have put onto you, your ancestors are helping to take back your dues and you will “SEE” through your third eye what happens to them.
They thought you were a dumb fool, they did not know you saw and heard everything. Your spirits are powerful, they tell you EVERYTHING! Take your powers back, NOW!
I wish you light, lightOnes, starry ones, indigo, crystalline ones, sun ones, you shall be victorious, it is written in your stars. Do not be scared to be a lightwarrior. It’s pay back time.

Lightwarrior Kiran G

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