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Peasants Out Of The Way!

LightOnes are rising and some people are not happy. Peasants get out of our way, if you did not make it in my life this far, you will not be in my next chapters, get that!

Everyone worthy is already in my life and if someone is not worthy, they will be out soon.

Unworthy souls have no business being around me right now. You will not be tolerated, there is major super power here. Watch out!

This is for the black stalkers, stalking me – Do not come near me, you have been warned! Lightwarriors are not messing about anymore, make sure you do not tolerate idiots in your life, those who you give to and have breadcrumbs for you, these people will not change, they have nothing to offer you, their souls are totally destroyed and they want you to serve them, with light, heal them and be their slave, whilst they steal from you and abuse you. Beware abuser, stalker, shapeshifter – I see you, you are not welcome in my life.

Beware light ones, there are shapershifters, stalkers, abusers, aggressors around you! and they think you are stupid, they think you don’t know what they are doing, they think you can’t see S**T, they think you are dumb, they think you are blind and cannot see with your 3rd eye. You are the master, you are the teacher, you are the starry one and you see everything they are doing. Everything is settling now. They are paying their debts to you, multifold, just watch! with your third eye!

Lightwarrior, Kiran G