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SUN Ones, Starry Ones, Starseeds Respite!

Listen, some bad stuff has been sent your way. People with masks, pretending to be divine feminines and masculines, who did you some really bad karma (actions). They have been sending you a lot of bad vibes, bad energies, doing a lot of black magic on you.
The dark ones, this is how they work, they work with black energies, they send bad energies, projections, telepathic projections, they transfer their energies onto you, they landfill you, with their energies and karma and take yours.
You love sharing, giving freely and they know that. They think you are dumb and a fool. They take, abuse, insult, disrespect, trespass on the astral as well as 3D planes. Attacks take place in the astral planes. They send you bad thoughts and this adds up, they hate you and they are aggressive, they do not like your light, success, your talents and abilities.
The universe, divine creator has given you a lot of gifts, the divine creator has given you the gift of genius, intelligentsia, above average life. You are crystalline, you are from the stars, you command your life. You know how to live your life as you have been embedded with lightcodes of the star ancestors.
The fake divine masculines/feminines are here to trap you into their delusion, illusions, they smile to you, they say “love and light” a lot, in the dark of the night, they work with the moon energy to defeat you.
They cloak themselves, they shapeshift, they mimic you, they pass themselves as a mirror image of you. Which you love, because you think finally you have met your friend, lover, twin flame or soulmate. This is a trap, your intuition knows something is not right, so you think about it quite a lot, trying to figure them out, because something does not feel right, but, they cloak themselves, they are chameleon and they play with dark forces to cloak themselves and their dark magick.
They work with black magick, be very careful. In the dark of the night is when they become powerful in the moonlight, they send energies, telepathic magick, to subdue you as you are unaware of what is happening. It is all veiled and cloaked for you NOT to see.
You get sick around them, they swipe your energy, they get aggressive, they don’t like you, they abuse your good hearted self, they own your space, you lose yourself, you become a zombie, you become insignificant around them, they take over and you think “oh they are just helping me”.
They steal everything from you, your energy, your abundant, your joy, your health, your beauty, your life force and eventually your soul. You die a slow, agonising death. You think you “SEE”, but they have covered your third eye, so you don’t see them, you see other things, but not what these evil ones are doing.
If you think I am being harsh, you need to become tougher, because these are really black souls, who go and destroy souls. They do not hesitate to violate, abuse, steal and rape souls. They are this evil.
There is no goodness in them, they collect souls, kind souls, empaths, starseeds, sunseeds, indigos and kind, gentle souls, because these are trusting, kind angels who does not want anything back, who just want to help and usually does not fight back, which makes them an easy target for evil souls.
I would invite you to fight back, fight them back, defeat these evil souls. Get into your lightwarrior upgrade and do this now. Defeat them>
I wish you well, starseed, star one, divine one, starry one, sun child and lightseed. It’s time for respite and your time to collect your dues. There are lightcodes in my writings and images.
Your time is here, lightwarriors have risen.

Lightwarrior Kiran G