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Energy Vampires Are Very Dangerous! SHIELD!

Protect your energy, your aura, your hard earned work, your abundance, your life force. Energy vampires are very real, they seek those who are filled with light. Usually they seek empaths, because empaths are angelic, they do not have strong boundaries and usually gives more than they should.

These evil beings know that good hearted light ones are rich pickings. Usually they come in, deplete you and they move on to someone else. Then, they return, when they feel you are full of life force, light and beauty again.

They rip your chakras and take your light and life force, listen, be careful with these ruthless entities. They take with violence, usually they will take without asking, they feel they are entitled to your riches and they steal. If you have become aware of their evilness, they will try to extract energy from you psychically, telepathically.
They will send you aggressive and violent messages through telepathy. They will try to tire you, make you weak, because sensitive and light people, do not do well with aggression.
You have to expect that they will be extremely aggressive, they will constantly telepathise you their evilness, their horror and anger, what you need to do is shield yourself, be aware of what they are “sending” you but do not react to it, they are not well. It’s like a ball being sent to you, if you do not accept it, it will fall and bounce away, just move out of the way, do not accept it, it will not be yours. Protect yourself spiritually! Then, Lightcodes. I will not explain anything else here. I know my communications are read by those who stalk me and try to attack me ( you can’t touch me, dark premie). You still have a lot to learn from the master.
Beware, if you would like to know more about upgraded lightcodes and courses on how to protect oneself. Find my courses here.

Lightwarrior Kiran G