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Shielding and Protecting Yourself From Psychic Hackers!

Listen, if you aren’t aware of the psychic hacking that’s going on, you better start now. There are many programs that have been installed in us (divine lightOnes, starseeds, lightwarriors), around us, psy people are walking around, coming in as colleagues, friends, working with you, passing as lovers, twin flames (fake), divine masculine, divine feminines to hack your mind and install all kind of dark programs into you to obliterate your program.

They have probably successfully done it too, for a while. If you have that “lover” (not a lover in reality, but a hater, this is another distorted fake twin flame program from the dark lords) who just takes, abuses, leaves you depleted, abused, trespassed, is aggressive, violent (either psychically, telepathically, emotionally), then you know you are amongst a psychic hacker, dark one passsing as a divine to you, because otherwise you would not let them in.
Since you are trusting, you allowed them in as they passed themselves as spiritual, divine and they seem to say all the right things. Be careful, this is a shapeshifter, a dark magician who used all kinds of tricks to subdue you and steal your knowledge and information.
They are knowledgeable in the spiritual arts, they hang out in the energetic groups, reiki groups, healing groups, esoteric groups, so you trust them, they ask for a lot of healing, this is their way of filling themselves up, they need the fill, the light as they wear the light mask.
Protect yourself from these dark lords, energy vampires, dark knights, they are very violent and aggressive, especially if you are the divine masculine or feminine.
If your purpose is to unite with your divine counterpart, they will come to keep you apart. They will torture you psychically. This is to make you aware, then you can take steps to protect yourself, divine masters of this earth.
You are the light ones, I am here to help you unveil the untruths and break codes and programs inside of you that have been installed that you aren’t even aware of. Lightcodes!
There are lightcodes in all my images, communications. I also have courses for protection, healing, shielding, breaking karmic links and so much more.
Much love and protection to you.

Kiran G Lightwarrior