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Starry Ones, Be Very Careful Who You Allow In Your Life!

Listen, if you think everyone is good, you’ve been heavily implanted. There are thousands of programs inside of you currently to stop you seeing what’s really going on.
Psy programs, bots, human bots, dark bots, fake twin flame programs, deeply embedded in your program, to obliterate the starseeds, lightwarriors who are here to obliterate the dark lords from this earth.
These dark lords know the esoteric dimensions as well, they have trained in the dark esoteric arts, they have also learnt the light esoteric arts, they follow the powerful ones, they embed themselves into the star light ones’ consciousness.
They come as twin flame (fake), divine masculine, feminine, they are shapeshifters, they mimic you, they camouflage themselves as spiritual lightworkers, as divine, as healers, as reiki masters, as healer of the planet, as givers, as donors, as philanthropist, as helpers of the planet, as divine healers.
They are destroyers, who have cloaked themselves.
If you have met a “divine feminine or masculine“, who are always speaking all the right things, but you “know” and “see” deep down inside they are dark, you are the only one who has unmasked them, they have been seen by you, no one else seems to see through them but you>
Do not doubt yourself, remove this dark knight, who is a conqueror of the soul, they are actual dark programs in your consciousness, they have attached themselves to you, by force. These are psy programs as humans, who have been sent to destroy you as we are here to clean this world of these dark knights, they have camouflaged themselves really well.
BUT YOU KNOW, YOU SEE THEM! Follow your gut instinct, all your programs will be removed, all the psy bots, removed, all human psy programs removed NOW.

Lightwarrior Kiran G