We all want a life free of karma. Karma means actions. Karma can be very, very challenging. Everyone has Karma (good and bad actions) if you have a fair amount of bad karma, i.e, the negative challenges are not going away, then you may want to check these courses out. This beginner course explains Karma, how it works and how it can be cleared.
If you are tired of lessons and don’t know what you are missing out, what lessons you are not learning, if you want to clear Karma with someone, who has been very challenging in your life. If you want to clear Karma with all your Karmic relationships and want a Karma-free life. If the same patterns, lessons are being repeated in your life over and over again, then you need this course. If you have generational patterns, generational karma and more.
You will learn to what degree Karma goes, how far it reaches and how many dimensions of healing we need to do in order to heal our life.
You are the chosen one to do this work and I tell you, it’s not for the faint-hearted. if you are healing generational karma, ancestral karma, star ones karma, then it’s all in these series. There is a beginner course and an advanced course, it is recommended to start with the beginner course, so you have the foundation of the course and then move on to the advanced course.

This course covers the following:

What is Karma?
How do we remove ourselves from the grips of karma?
Who controls Karma?
Why Karma?

Karma clearing is available for all lightworkers, empaths, starseeds, star ones, light ones, earth angels. This is the time when debts are paid, judgments are made, we return all other people’s debts, we take our powers back and we claim back our own good karma. Karma are multilayered, multi dimensional, it’s not linear, it is all happening right now.
Kiran G

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