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Cultivating Peace, In The Age of Chaos and Fear!

Cultivating peace in the age of chaos is a super human feat in this day and age!
How does one achieve it? The age of fear is upon us, people are caught into this infinite loop of fear and horror narratives.

The bad news does not seem to end, those who are in charge of disseminating fear have done a very good job of keeping people fearful of their health, their power and control.
Humans are now in a state of perpetual fear, humans feel they don’t have any power and control over what is happening.
All power and control have been given away to the fear masters. Human’s health seems to be in someone else’s hand, human’s wellbeing has been contracted away into some kind of miracle potion that will keep them safe from the world-wide fear pandemic.
Where is your power? who owns it? why are you so fearful? do you have power and control over your own health and wellbeing? The continuous barrage of information control and dissemination is actually in the hands of a few rich players. They own the minds of humans through controlled information dissemination. How do we cultivate peace and take our powers back from these big conglomerates? how do we claim our minds back? How do we take back all our splintered pieces of consciousness?

Start with meditation. Start small and follow through, every single day.
Concentrate all your intent in taking your powers back.
Control how others have an impact on you. People project their own self onto others all the time, if you are a willing “taker” and accept everything, they will dump on you. You will become a landfill, for free, they will come and dump on you all the time and guess what, they will take your light, life force and power each time they dump on you.
Have strong boundaries. Say NO to aggressive mofos, evil azzes and send them on their way.
Protect your energy. Have your sword nearby.
Speak your truth.
And clear karma with karmic relationships. They will vanish as fast as they came into your life.
I have energy filled art, visionary art, protective art, art filled with lightcodes here.
In light, Kiran G

Lightwarrior Kiran G
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